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A Year’s Quest: January

The theme for January is "Boost Energy." Everyone sets three goals relating to boosting energy thru diet and behavior. Why boost energy? Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, suggests the people with more energy are more likely to stick to their goals. Let's start off energized to improve our chances of completing 12 months of goal setting.

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February 03, 2021

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Month-by-Month Goals
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January: Energize

Clean Up!
Clutter can drain energy because it can distract you. A clean desk, room or closet can provide a clean slate where anything can happen.

Fuel Conscienciously
Sugar, fried and fatty foods can drain energy physically. Insufficient water can dehydrate. A reboot of your diet can help your feel better.

Move Often
Movement and exercise has been shown to increase energy levels by boosting metabolism and improving circulation.

Energize Ideas

January Goals

The left column expresses the goals sought at the beginning of the month. The right column represents how often those goals were met. Each person made a comment about how they felt at the end of the month.

  1. Get dressed for work every day.
  2. Stretch +/- yoga daily.
  3. Ten minutes of exercise which may include participating in a 5 minute video with co-workers at lunchtime.

  1. Clean out junk in house – one drawer at a time. Place in one of 3 boxes: Give Away, Recycle, or Keep
  2. Cycle 10 minutes/day on the bike
  3. Drink 64 ounces of water a day. “This is a challenge because I prefer Diet Coke.”

  1. Walk on treadmill 10 min/day.
  2. Natural snacks only after dinner
  3. 64 ounces of tea +/- water/day
  4. Greet boss enthusiastically

  1. Drink 64 ounces of water/day
  2. Exercise 30 minutes/day
  3. No eating after 7:00pm. (discarded after meeting)
  4. Wear more jewelry. (added to replace #30 after meeting)
  5. Go to bed earlier.

  1. Limit added sugar to 50g/day
  2. Drink 36 ounces of water/day
  3. Keep desk clean
  4. Enthusiastic greeting to mom
  5. Tackle a nagging task (2/week)

Here’s How We Did


  1. 100% achievement
  2.  Didn’t do
  3. 50% complete

“Getting dressed for work made me feel more productive.”


  1. Front Room clean/organized
  2. Didn’t do
  3. Completed 50% of the days.

“Access to the bike wasn’t convenient for me.”


  1. Didn’t do
  2.  4/5 days
  3. 50% of the time
  4.  Didn’t do

“Work was so hectic. I didn’t have time to be nice.”


  1. About 1/2 the days. The other half – 32 ounces
  2. 18 days complete
  3. Gave up on
  4. Most days
  5. Slept 7 hrs instead of 6.

“Felt a little better getting more sleep.”



  1. Average = 35.3g
  2.  64% of the time
  3. 93% of the time
  4. and 05. Mixed-up

“Tackling a nagging task felt really good.”

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